Some Facts About Whiskey Bar 

-The base of the bar was constructed using old doors from the Burlington Hotel, you can still see the key holes and details of the doors.

 -The lights hanging over the bar were constructed using old serving dishes from the world famous Brown Palace Hotel.

 -The foot rest on the main bar was constructed from an old hand rail salvaged from a local Presbyterian Church that was demolished.

 -The whiskey barrels adorning both rooms were used in production of Knob Creek, Jack Daniels and Stranahans Whiskey and were sent to us straight from their distilleries

-Indie Film "Looking for Sunday" starring Orlando Jones was filmed at Whiskey Bar, the producers even changed the name of the bar in the Movie to "Whiskey Bar"

 -The white decorative supports under the bar came from a pavilion at the original Elitch Gardens in Northwest Denver.

-The chandeliers over the window tables also once hung in the historic Brown Palace Hotel.
-At any given time Whiskey Bar has over 200 different kinds of whiskey including bourbons, 
blended scotches, Irish, single malt scotches, Canadian, American, and Japanese whiskies.

 -Our list changes often due to supply, please ask your server for our current list or about any new or unique whiskies.